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Along with our two Rug Hooking Artists of the Year which are being shown Auditorium area we also have two other displays:

a collection of hooked Maud Lewis patterns and a collection of hooked pieces from the Northport Loopers from Northport, Nova Scotia.


Here is a sampling of the Maud Lewis pieces - this exhibit was assembled by Doug Rankin, Highland Heart Hookery, Halifax and Cindy Noble, Greenwood.

Maud Lewis 001Maud Lewis 001

Edie McRoberts -  Black Cat & Kittens

Leslie Langille  -    School House

Cathy Oman    -    Fishing Boat & Lighthouse

Mona Pearl      -    Bluebirds & House

Mona Pearl      -    Blacksmith Shop

Mona Pearl      -    Mare & Colt

Diane Theriault  -  Covered Bridge

Ida Young        -   Roadster & Cow

Diane Theriault  -  Spring Oxen

Kathryn Seecharan  - Covered Bridge

Maud Lewis 002Maud Lewis 002











The Northport Loopers exhibit was assembled by Joyce LeMoine, Northport, NS.  Below is a sampling of this display with a list of the contributors:


Northport 001Northport 001

Three Christmas Angels Singing - Carol Fullerton

Sunflower – Rachael Latta

Northport Loopers Sign – Pauline Verstraten

Home on the Hill – Pauline Verstraten

Yukon Moonrise (miniature) – Pauline Verstraten

Yukon Winter (miniature) – Pauline Verstraten

Bluebirds and Yellow Flowers – Arvilla Cormier

Clammin’ Tide – Arvilla Cormier

Coastal Girls – Barbara Yorston

Virginia Creeper – Heather LeMoine

                                                             Sculptured Fruit Hanging – Jean Siddall

                                                             Poinsettia Runner – Mary C. Dickeson                                                    

Northport 002Northport 002

Maple Sugaring – Jean Siddall

Country Life – Jean Siddall

Seasons – Rachael Latta

Houses and Snow – Joyce LeMoine

Yoke and Oxen (Maud Lewis) – Pauline Verstraten

Welcome – Carole Fullerton

Ports of Plenty I – Joyce LeMoine

Lorneville United Church – Kim MacKenzie

Christmas Balls – Shelly Tanner

Red Hat Ladies – Shelly Tanner